New Collection

New Collection 2020

Quality, passion and tradition under the label of Made in Italy: this is how the 2020 collection is created. Stay tuned to discover it, each week we are revealing new iconic pieces.

Sistema XY
design Francesco Meda

Sistema XY, a name that recalls the Cartesian coordinates, develops vertically and horizontally by means of a series of extruded profiles. The basic “axis” of the design is a central accessorizable channel, featuring ad hoc spaces for items such as knife holders and chopping boards.

Inspired by the Cartesian coordinates, Francesco Meda is designing a new functional, modular and flexible system where every kitchen accessory is where it should be and within easy reach.

Ratio design Vincent Van Duysen

Ratio kitchen, the second collection designed by Vincent Van Duysen, has been updated in terms of its modularity and materials, while anyway retaining its buildinglike compositional forms and it represents the latest evolution of brand Dada.

Metal grids define the basic architecture, wall units, columns, hoods and accessories. Full volumes, empty volumes and tops of different thicknesses are hooked to the slender and minimal techno/structural elements, creating an elegant interplay of balances.

Intersection design Vincent Van Duysen

Intersection, the new project by Vincent Van Duysen, is a strongly expressive kitchen with sophisticated details that highlight Dada’s excellence in working with materials.

Its surfaces intersect to create patterns of light and shadows, solid worktops with important customisable sections with almost imperceptible profiles or sections chiselled like sculptures.

Geometric inlays on the doors highlight the wood’s natural features and showcase the plasticity of lacquered surfaces, with a design that recalls architecture dominated by geometric proportions.

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