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Hi-Line 6 Frame Door
design Dada R&D

A simple, unitary, linear design which, in 2018, is embellished with the new Frame Door. Frame made of titan aluminium and pewter, with a selection of quality finishes for the fronts. The top of the door is shaped to ensure an ergonomic grip.

The composition is completed with the new system of shelves with built-in VVD hood and with the new Hi-Line6 snack bar, with its solid light oak and black oak top, featuring bevelled corners and profiles, on an aluminium frame.

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Hi-Line6 Frame Door design in 2018 by Dada R&DHi-Line6 Frame Door design in 2018 by Dada R&D
Innovative Frame Door featuring an aluminium frame, titan and pewter finishInnovative Frame Door featuring an aluminium frame, titan and pewter finish

design Dada R&D

Prime is designed to express the full potential of a kitchen featuring recessed opening. It comes in a range of different compositions designed to meet the most sophisticated aesthetic demands. The finger recess runs seamlessly the length and breadth of the product and ends on the side panels, an alternative solution to the finished sides, offering ample scope for personalization. The Prime door is shaped at the top at 45° to make opening simpler and more ergonomic.
The project also presents a new glass door for wall units and Flair columns, both lit with concealed LED profiles in the sides of the units, and the new Wing system with tapered aluminium shelves.

At Eurocucina, Prime is on show with a linear layout with a peninsula featuring a gloss lacquered wall unit in the new natural Billiemi stone, of Sicilian origin. The Prime snack bar completes the composition, with an aluminium framework and a top made of dark walnut accompained by Woody stools by Francesco Meda, who designs the entire Woody seating collection for Molteni&C. The structure is in solid ash wood available in natural or black painted finishes. The seat can be in solid ash in the same finishes or in regenerated leather in the colours black, dark brown, natural, mud green and dove grey.

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design Vincent Van Duysen

Following the success of VVD presented at Eurocucina in 2016, Vincent Van Duysen is once again focusing his attention on the spaces set aside for preparing and enjoying food. His approach is solid, based on the presence of component forms similar to buildings and on the skillful use of the materials of which he is an undisputed interpreter. Hence Ratio, a modular kitchen where the structure is the undisputed protagonist.

Metallic grids form the architecture of base and wall units, columns, hoods and accessories. Solid volumes, empty volumes and surfaces of different thicknesses are hooked to the structural technical elements, slender and minimal, creating an elegant interplay of balances.

Research into the materials is reflected in the Mediterranean warmth and character of the overall design, alternating between fine woods and natural stones.

design Vincent Van Duysen

Vincent Van Duysen has designed a handle-free kitchen, working on the contrast between slender side and end panels and thick worktops, into which stone sinks are set, interrupting the linearity of the top. Alternating materials and an interplay of solids and voids give rise to a dynamic and yet sophisticated kitchen.
Completing the project, generous pull-out trays and a trolley that fits neatly beneath the worktop. De grands plateaux extractibles et le chariot inséré sous top complètent le projet.

At Eurocucina VVD is proposing an island layout with rail steel base units and ceppo top plus a linear wall with black lava stone top and backsplash, in a niche with the Bright glass wall unit. This, in turn, can be embellished with individually lit glass shelves inside, thanks to a specific frame with LED lighting incorporated.

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