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Since 1979 Dada S.p.A. has been part of the Molteni Group, a leader in the Italian furniture industry. With its companies Molteni&C, Dada, Unifor and Citterio, the Group offers a global range of services and products in over eighty countries in the world.

The company's business comprises the design and production of kitchen furnishings and complements by using techniques for woodworking and processing of other materials, coverings in the form of painting and veneer, assembly and delivery.

The company also keeps the corporate context and the expectations of pertinent interested parties very much in consideration, and analyses corporate risk to assess, communicate, remove and/or reduce the risks associated with its activities.

The objectives of the policy are:

  • compliance with current national, regional, and local laws and the foreign laws concerning the countries involved in the furnishing supply;
  • to design and produce beautiful, reliable high-end kitchens, researching new shapes and materials that are more environmentally friendly.
  • to increase the awareness of collaborators, suppliers, and retailers on the issues of quality, ethics, the environment, health and workplace safety.
  • prompt deliveries.
  • to provide a post-sales service for clients that meets the expectations of the final client.
  • to constantly improve corporate processes, monitoring relevant indicators.
  • adoption of the best economically accessible technologies available to prevent and minimise environmental impact, with a commitment to continuous improvement of the efficiency of said technologies.
  • to prefer preventive action with regard to pollution instead of the abatement of pollution after activities, and to prevent possible emergencies.
  • to minimize the consumption of energy through savings, recovery and the use of wood scraps as energy sources.
  • improvement in the nature of atmospheric emissions through continuous research into product coverings with lower environmental impact.

Dada S.p.a. intends to inform the public of its policy and make it available to anyone who requests it.

The management agrees to periodically review the contents of its policy in order to adapt it to organisational modifications, technological evolution, legislative regulations and updates in environmental impact.

Mesero 07/01/2019
The Chairman

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