New HOME Catalog

New HOME Catalog


Molteni&C|Dada is pleased to introduce the new HOME Catalog, dedicated to the 2020 Collections. An elegant selection of modern and contemporary settings, that portray the brand's ability to combine design with architecture.

HOME Catalog

Protagonist of the scene is the 2020 collection, signed by our creative director Vincent van Duysen and inspired by the international modernism, reinterpreted with a fluid and elegant although always reassuring and familiar language.

Octave by Vincent Van Duysen, 505 by Nicola GalliziaOctave by Vincent Van Duysen, 505 by Nicola Gallizia

“We have embraced a new décor direction steeped in the warmth and richness of materials and in their organic juxtaposition.”

Vincent Van Duysen

A new collection that represents the heart of the needs of contemporary living, where domestic spaces are versatile, multifunctional, and can be adapted and shaped according to their use.

The house is transformed into an ecosystem that learns to welcome, where different environments play a fundamental role in maintaining its balance.

Half a Square by Michael AnastassiadesHalf a Square by Michael Anastassiades

A dialogue is established in a fluid, changing context, where every single voice contributes to define an eclectic, cosmopolitan and international living.

Gliss Master by Vincent Van DuysenGliss Master by Vincent Van Duysen

The obsession for quality combined with the search for beauty in every detail is what distinguishes and will continue to characterize the Molteni Group, together with the ability to read the evolution of scenarios and adapt to the changes taking place.

Intersection by Vincent Van DuysenIntersection by Vincent Van Duysen

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