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          Strada Provinciale 31
          20010 Mesero (MI)
          T +39 02 972.079.1
          F +39 02 972.895.61

          Numero verde 800 653210


          T +39 0362 359267
          T +39 0362 359266


          Strada Provinciale 31
          20010 Mesero (MI)
          T +39 02 972.079.1
          F +39 02 972.895.61

          Americas Branch Office

          @ Molteni&C Dada Unifor
          Flagship Store 160 Madison Avenue
          10016, New York NY, USA
          T +1 (212) 673 7106
          F +1 (212) 334 4023


          @ Unifor HK LDT Office
          Flat D, 6TH Floor
          Wan Ha Factory Building
          No. 8 Shipyard Lane
          Quarry Bay - Hong Kong

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